Of all the planets in all the galaxies in all the universe, you are stuck to this one.


One late summer evening, gazing up at the inky blackness and the hundreds of thousands of millions of stars that dotted the sky, I suddenly began to imagine myself not looking up but looking down at these infinite galaxies. Suspended in space. Affixed by some mind-boggling feat of gravity and destiny to the dusty skin of this Earth.

And it dawned on me, as I lay dwarfed on my blanket among the tiny blades of grass, how truly insignificant a moment in time can be.

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It’s time to stop and take in the bigger picture. You’re on a planet. We are all stuck to this planet. And year by year, we’re all on the same 365-day ride around the sun. Right up until we’re not.


This blog is about those revolutions and revelations and all the crazy that comes along with this ride. Absurdity and humans and anything and everything in between.

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